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I identified really quickly when I left a corporate job and followed my husband across the country for his military career that I wanted to create something that was location independent AND that I was proud of. I realized I didn’t want to keep doing that time and time again — giving up a job and starting over every time we moved (because being a spouse of an active-duty military member means we move a lot).

My career was really important to me. Sure, being a mom is fantastic. But I wasn’t a mom yet when all of this first happened, so my career was at the forefront of my mind. My career was really the only thing that I knew, for my own, the only thing that I had for myself. I wanted to make sure that I maintained that moving forward. Through this, I could still be supportive of my husband in his career, but I wanted and would be able to have something that I could take with me. 

That’s how I quickly identified that I wanted to look into remote work. And so, as I’ve shared, it was quite the journey to becoming a virtual assistant and then an online business manager. Figuring out how to work remotely successfully is the reason why I’m blogging today: to share those resources that I found along the way. And I’ll continue to share with you; when I find an awesome tool or software, trust me, you’ll hear about it.

Getting Started

So today, what I wanted to talk about specifically is how to get started with remote work. Because you’re probably asking those foundational questions of “how do I start? What should I do right now?” that I once asked myself. Four years ago, I asked myself those questions. I went through a lot of things that were not as successful as I had hoped, but I never quit. And today, I’m still digging and climbing to the top.

However! I found some amazing resources along the way, and constantly, I’m wishing I would have known about these resources when I started out.

Starting out, I didn’t know exactly what it was that I wanted to do. And that’s a normal feeling – not quite knowing. I have the skills, but how do I make that into a location-proof career? So, I started signing up for free resources, and some weren’t that great. But some were phenomenal!

Eventually, I created my own courses: ones that are shaped around the steps that I ultimately took to grow my thriving six-figure online business, simplified and broken down in easy to follow actionable chunks for you to implement.

What does remote work look like?

The question of what remote work looks like is a great one. I heavily utilize time blocking to intentionally ensure that my tasks get done thoughtfully and strategically. Tasks to time block include:

  • Networking calls
  • Discovery calls
  • Content creation

You name it, it can be reserved on your calendar as a time block. Make goals and get them on a calendar. The format of the calendar – be it written or digital – doesn’t quite matter, as long as the blocking gets done. Working remotely means you must discipline your own time; you are your own boss!

Remote Work is Rewarding

Remote work is a lot of work. That means a lot of work to lay that foundation for freedom. That means, habits upfront. Even if you’re not turning a profit immediately, you’re still building the foundations. Be mindful, purposeful, and intentional from the get-go, and I guarantee your path to success will be rewarding.

Sure, I would’ve done some things differently. But I’m lucky to have such a community –  in my Facebook groups – that share their resources so freely. Those resources even spark new ideas in me for my business goals.

If you feel daunted by the technology transitions ahead, you should know that I worked from a laptop for the first 5 months of my virtual assistance work. It worked; it worked great. I only leveled up my tech because that’s what I wanted not necessarily a desperate need. The tools you need really are a laptop, a dedication to professionalism, and a commitment to time blocking.

In time, you’ll figure out your invoicing system (I like Dubsado); you’ll figure out your ideal client. You’ll figure out if you need a website; for now, start with the basics and put yourself as a priority. All the other details will fall into place.

So believe in yourself, find that mentor, look at securing those dream clients, and answer your clarifying questions upfront. And if you need me, I’m here! Reach out and sound off.


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