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You can take all of the courses, masterminds, and programs out there to sharpen your skills as a service provider, but at what point do you stop learning and start applying the things you’ve learned?

And not only that, but when do you finally start believing that you are already more than capable of pursuing that “next level” in business—whatever that might be for you?

Whether it’s more income, time, flexibility, joy, or fulfillment you’re after (or a combination of these things!) you know that you want more.

You've already got your framework and systems locked down for your CURRENT business, but you need something different to reach your next level—and someone there to hold you accountable to make it stick!

hi, i'm melissa.

Your vision of success & freedom is attainable, and I’ll help you get there without doing more!

As a Business Coach, Consultant, & Mindset Coach. I'm on a mission to help you reach your level of success (whatever that means for you) easier and faster than I did.

yes, please!

that's me!

as seen in:

My mission is to empower and equip female entrepreneurs like you who want to carve their own path to build profitable businesses that bring them freedom and fulfillment.

Through coaching, consulting, and community, I help you see what the NEXT big thing is for your business. And best of all, I’ll support you in becoming a confident CEO who can grow your business based on your unique definition of success.

I believe pursuing freedom can get you farther than the pursuit of “building an empire” ever will.
Most importantly, I believe that, most often, less is actually more and bigger is certainly not always better.

Whether you’re seeking mindset shifts through coaching and mentorship, or more strategy and streamlining with business consulting, I’ll be here to help you build a business that supports the lifestyle you truly desire. 

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- Kelly Reynolds

“Working with Melissa has given me someone I can trust to support me who also gently pushes me forward to accomplish not only those first goals I came to her with, but also the ones I hadn't even dreamed of yet. She has given me the space to figure out what I really wanted in my business instead of just what my ego wanted. All the things that I thought were out of reach and only for other people are now happening! And that is in large part because whenever I say I am too scared, that I can't, she says yes you can and I'm going to help you figure out how.”

“All the things that I thought were out of reach and only for other people are now happening!”

- Paty Soares

“Working with Melissa was life changing. She provided me with great opportunities to launch my course to her community and also give a training to the mastermind group, so I could practice and see if it was something I want to do in the future. I would not have done that without her support and availability to share her community with me. The interactions were action oriented and she is completely open to teach us and share resources based on what we need, always connecting us with other entrepreneurs to expand our network and also to fulfill the needs we have. "

“Working with Melissa was life changing.”

- Sarah Khan

“The biggest shift for me was finally stepping into my own knowledge and expertise. I wanted clarity on my offers when we began working together...but it turns out I really just needed to believe in myself, embrace my knowledge, and get my mindset right...then that clarity was like a shot of light in the dark. Melissa has a real knack for drilling down and getting to the heart of the matter...and helping you get out of your own way.”

“Melissa has a real knack for drilling down and getting to the heart of the matter”

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