Wanna know the secret sauce to building a thriving business that offers you more freedom & fulfillment?

(Trust me, this is a COMPLETE game-changer!)

Business coaching

You may have been told that you need to do more, go bigger, and move faster in your business to reach that “next level” of success—but what if your definition of success isn’t the same as everyone else’s?

Freedom and fulfillment doesn’t always come from building a 7-figure empire. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things, but it’s more important to not lose sight of YOUR unique why and what success means to you.

Rewiring your brain (& your business) to function like a CEO.

So, what’s the juicy secret, then?

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My coaching services are created to support you in achieving more joy, more alignment, & ultimately, more growth.

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Group Programs

You already have proof of concept. All you need is for someone to help you see the proof of your potential!

business + mindset coaching

You already have proof of concept. All you need is for someone to help you see the proof of your potential!

There’s only so far adding to your graveyard of programs, courses, and masterclasses can take you before you realize you already have everything you need (and then some!) to start taking ACTION toward those next steps in your business.

But it’s tough when self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the allure of the next “game-changing course” keep you feeling like you need to learn more and get more experience before you start.

Before you buy that new course… STOP!!!

Believe me when I say that what you are experiencing is normal for so many, but it's not the way it has to be.

Unlocking that potential inside ourselves (and knowing what to even do with it) is always easier said than done, but it’s easiest when you have a coach there to support you and hold you accountable toward making it happen.

That’s where I come in!

Here’s how I help you as a certified Business & Mindset Coach...

Hold space for you to make informed decisions through questioning & mindset work (AKA rewiring & reframing!)

hi there!

Guide you to break through mindset blocks like imposter syndrome & limiting beliefs

Provide you support & guidance by asking questions to help you come to the right answers for you

Walk alongside you as a mentor to provide you with advice, strategy, & next steps based on my experience, your current situation, & your aspirations

Business & Mindset Coaching is for you if...

New to seeing yourself as a legit business-owner, or have felt yourself *winging it* ever since you stepped into entrepreneurship

Ready to think like a CEO & treat your business as a legitimate business (because it is!)

Falling short of your full potential & want to learn how to tap into it to bring you more joy, fulfillment, & growth

Struggling to consistently book clients, or book the right kind of clients for you

Feeling overwhelmed & stuck with all the information out there, and unsure what to do next

Lacking clarity & direction in defining what “next step” in business you want to take & how to get there

Looking for accountability from someone who will challenge you, push forward, & help you reach your goals

Ready to pivot or scale your business

Are you ready to get out of your own way and embody the CEO mindset? 

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Simple Strategies

amplify your results

During our work together, we’ll follow my 3-step approach (simple strategies, rewired mindset, accountability) to align to your definition of success and fulfillment within your business, and then map out the steps that need to be taken to help you amplify your business in the direction of that vision.

With me as your partner along the way, I promise to hold you accountable to honoring the commitments you need to make to yourself and your business to create the freedom and impact you desire.

Wondering if your vision of success will work best with coaching or consulting?

Built on my 3-Step Approach to Amplify Your Results

(with all the accountability you need to actually make it happen!)


Rewired Mindset



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At the end of 2019 I was having serious doubts about whether I wanted to continue working in my business as an OBM and VA. I was overwhelmed, overworked and on the brink of burnt-out. And I was ready to throw away the business I’d worked so hard at building over the last 5 years. Luckily that all turned around the moment I started working one-on-one with Melissa in 2020! From our first session together I had clarity over my goals, an action plan to achieve them and the confidence to know I was on the right track. This has been the best investment I have made in my business - I just wish I had met Melissa sooner. The last 3 months have been amazing, she’s connected me with some incredible women in business, ironed out any struggles I was having and helped me step into the role as CEO in my own business. For this I am forever grateful - thank you Melissa!

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- Karen Vivarelli

- Carolyn O’Brien

My biggest takeaway was rethinking how I wanted to build my business and how many options I do have to reach my goals. Working with Melissa helped me understand that there is not just one path, but several paths I can take to reach my goals. Melissa helped me to see the value of community, partnerships, networking in a way that I hadn't really thought of before.

- Meighan O’ Toole

I was looking for a coach that would not only be kind and understanding, but someone that would simultaneously push me out of my comfort zone. This was Melissa to a T. She respected my boundaries around what I was able to do (I had so much fear that things “wouldn’t work for me”) but also helped me make changes that would benefit me even when they felt super hard. She always pushed when needed and paused when she saw I needed that too. 

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Now it's Your Turn.

- Colleen Christensen

- Tallene and Sirak Kalaygian

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