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I'm going to teach you my exact, 3-part framework for creating scalable offers that allow you to make more money without the hustle.

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Ready to Scale to 10k Months?

Scale Without the Hustle

Yes, it's possible to scale your business WITHOUT working 24/7.

In fact, if you want to create a 6-figure business (and beyond!), you can't trade dollars for hours.

You need offers that serve your audience without requiring more of YOU.

Imagine waking up to money in the bank because one of your offers sold while you slept!

How would it feel to reach $10k months but only work part-time hours?

What would change for you if you could sell out your available spots and ONLY work with the clients that light you up?

This is all possible when you have structured offers in place that allow you to do this on repeat, month after month.

Ready to swipe my exact framework and make this a reality for yourself?

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How does this work?

This JUICY Masterclass lays out my exact framework for structuring offers that allow you to scale without constantly hustling for clients.

I'm going to teach you...

How to implement the simple three-part framework in your business.

How to scale with VIP offers.

The FIVE things you need to have done in your business BEFORE you even start implementing this magic!

Examples of the exact offers I used for my own framework.

Examples of industry experts who are using this model right now -- with HUGE success. 

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- Lara Young

“Melissa Froehlich is THE coach in this space. She offers a unique blend of proven step by step framework and out of the box thinking that has you creating your business in a way that lights you up and is profitable. No fluff - no nonsense - AND not only has she built an incredibly successful business herself, she's also got the mindset piece too.”

- Melissa Watson Swire

“Working with Melissa Froehlich is epic. She helped me realize the potential within my business - and myself. I love the honest feedback she gives (no fluff or bs) to kick me into gear and do what needs to be done for maximum growth. Melissa helped me scale beyond what I even considered and is constantly challenging me. She is my rock, my mentor, my coach, and my friend - when I need to make a business decision I turn to her first. Working with Melissa is hands down the best investment I have made in my business.”

- Samantha Jade

“I unintentionally crossed paths with Melissa and I’m so glad I did. Since my first VIP Session with her, I haven’t been able to stop telling her how amazing she is. She culminated 4 years of my wandering ideas into a perfect set of offerings in 2 hours and gave me ALL the clarity I’ve been searching for. She provided me with so much information during that one call.... You can tell she is confident in her ability to continue to be a wealth of information. I cannot thank her enough for the impact that she has made on my business.”

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