42: Why an Agency Might Be the Right Path for You with Kelly Reynolds

Why an Agency Might be the Right Path for You with Kelly Reynolds

Agencies are known for being a challenging business model but what if I told you that it’s not actually as bad as it’s made out to be. 

In this episode, I am busting through the myths of what it’s like to build an agency with Kelly Reynolds of Reynolds OBM Agency. You’ll get the inside scoop of how an agency can give you more freedom and how to begin to build one that supports the business you want to create.


On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • Why Kelly initially decided to work with a coach
  • Her coaching for agency programs and how this offer evolved
  • Mindset shifts she’s had to make to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Why she wants to help other people build an agency model and gain freedom
  • How the agency model can look different depending on your motivation and goals
  • What her coaching program looks like and what she supports you with

Resources Mentioned: 

Consulting Framework Accelerator

Reimagine Your Business Series

Director of Ops Program

Reynolds OBM Agency

Sink Handle Podcast

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