The Consulting Framework Accelerator

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Go from doing the day-to-day work for your dream clients to designing strategy alongside them.


Did you know that the average 6-figure service provider spends about 70% of her work hours executing, implementing, and managing projects for her clients? 

if you love the doing, that's a great thing!

But what if you don't?

If you are a successful service provider, you know the dance... balancing your increasing client work with your own business management and growth, family responsibilities, AND your personal goals. 

You didn’t expect it to be easy or to feel great every single day but this isn’t the do-what-you-love, design-your-own schedule dream you thought you were signing up for. 
When you first got started in business, the thrill and challenges of starting, getting certified, attracting dream clients, growing a team, and scaling to 6 figures were exciting, rewarding, and more than enough.
Now, you run a successful business. You’re proud of your certifications. Your client roster is booked out and your cup of client love runneth over. You have a small but mighty team. Maybe you’ve even hit 10k months.

OBMs, DOOs, SMMs, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, and Podcast Managers… 

You’ve hit a revenue ceiling and can’t figure out the next step to scale. 
You love your clients but you know what you have right now is not in alignment with what you want--or where your zone of genius actually is.
And worst of all, you ache for that freedom and joy that were non-negotiables when you started your business in the first place. 
You’re certainly not going to drop everything you’ve worked so hard to build, but something’s gotta give.

But you’re also overwhelmed. 
You don’t actually love the “doing”. 
You’re sick of trading time for money.

It’s up to you, the CEO and amazing human behind all the transformations and impact, to find the solution.

What if in less than two months, you could successfully implement a service offer that would require less of your time, bring you more joy, get massive results for your clients, AND allow you to make more money?

less than two months

allow you to make more money?

two months

less than

- Kim Brown

“I had someone ask me about Melissa's consulting program... I said I made back 1/2 of my investment in the first week!”


The Consulting Framework Accelerator

Go from doing the day-to-day work for your dream clients to designing strategy alongside them.

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Say hello to your new 6-figure revenue stream! 

With the right mindset shifts-I’m talking abundance and trusting yourself as an expert and equal-you are fully capable of successfully designing, implementing, and marketing a new consulting offer. 
Transition your retainer clients into consulting work, spend less time in the doing for your clients and more time in your strategic zone of genius so your own business can thrive and grow.

Get your new consulting offer to market in SEVEN weeks. 

Adding consulting to your business model doesn’t have to be the end goal of your five-year plan! 
If you’re a real go-getter, this is something you can start when we kick off week 1, get your money back before the program is over seven weeks later, and see up to 5X ROI before the end of the quarter. 
Even if you’re more of the slow and steady type, you will still make your money back after booking just 1-2 clients and potentially double your current monthly revenue by the end of the year.

Do the work that lights you up and makes you happy to show up and serve.

Running and growing a business requires time and effort. You deserve to grow a business that makes you excited to get out of bed and get on calls with your clients, not dread checking your calendar. 
You get to serve your clients in a way that lets your strategic gifts shine, working alongside them rather than for them. You get to be the expert that helps your clients grow sustainably so the work doesn’t fall all on them.

You get to help women make this possible for themselves.

- Cory Zacker

“I had a Discovery Call earlier this week with someone who wanted implementing. It became clear on the call that she needed consulting before hiring someone to do the implementing. I sent her a detailed email with how we could work together and she just said YES to 90 days consulting!”

Less time, more money, fab results.

The Consulting Framework Accelerator is an evidence-based model that gets results and is EASY to create and sell with confidence. No special training required--you already have what it takes. I’m just giving you the roadmap.
If you’re ready to add a new consulting offer that has the potential to bring you multiple six figures and give you back your time while still working with the clients you love, I am SO excited to invite you to join us inside The Consulting Framework Accelerator!

JOIN the waitlist

- Danielle Harvey Fisher

“The CFA program is absolutely worth it! Melissa provides all the resources and pieces you need to create a stand alone consulting offer in your business, as well as the mindset work to help you implement.
She will help you see the potential in yourself and bridge the gap between what you are currently doing and what is possible for you in your business!”

Here's how it works.


module 01: Mindset

As soon as you join, you’ll be invited into our private students-only community to get to know everyone. The foundational training materials and tools you need to build your offer will be available in your Kajabi portal as soon as we kick off! 

In Module One, we’re going to get clear on who you want to work with and how you would ideally want to work with them. We’re going to zero in on what brings you joy and what problems you enjoy solving. 
From recognizing and trusting yourself as an expert and equal, to shifting to doing consulting, get ready to really believe it’s possible to bring value through strategy without doing the implementing. 
The mindset shifts in the first two weeks alone are going to be incredible!


module 02: Framework

In Module Two, we establish your offer framework and pricing, get your systems set up, and I’ll even help you communicate your service change to your existing clients.
We’ll get into the systems that you need in your own business in order to support this new offer, including an entire system setup in Dubsado, lead capture and onboarding SOPs, examples of workflows, invoices, packages, TONS of swipe files, marketing inventory, plug and play swipe files for emails, and more!


module 03: Implementation and Marketing

In the last module, we’ll dive into marketing your offer to new, current, and past clients, launching your offer, and learning how to gather crucial feedback so that you can refine the framework and improve it.

I even have several guest experts coming in to help out here so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

next steps:

After you complete the program, not only will you have launched a brand new, potentially multi-six-figure offer, you'll be eligible to continue coaching with me in one of many different capacities if you choose.
I also welcome a conversation to identify a different coach for you if you are looking for something else.
Bottom line... even after you graduate from The Consulting Framework Accelerator, you’ll get my support with the next steps that make sense for you.

Here's whats included:

Weekly group calls with hot seat coaching on Zoom and a Q&A thread through the week in private community.

A private, students only community with direct access to me and the other women in the program.

Peer accountability and personalized audits of your framework as I check on your progress throughout the program.

Guest expert trainings to help you see what else is possible and create a personalized, targeted approach to adding consulting into your business.

Plus literally everything I used to create my own consulting offer plus juicy content and workbooks to grease the rails.

What results have women gotten from this program?

the results

made back HALF of her investment in the first WEEK


landed a consulting client before the program even kicked off.... simply because she gained more confidence


landed a $30k per month consulting retainer with a major company!


Nearly five dozen women have gone through this program, created their offers, landed clients, and have the clarity and confidence they needed to THRIVE as a consultant!

this is for you if you...

Are just getting started or haven’t started consulting yet- we’re building your consulting offer from scratch here  

Are a service based business owner working primarily on retainer- and you’re totally booked out and at a revenue ceiling

Are an OBM, DOO, or VA moving into an OBM or DOO role and want to do less implementation and do more strategy

Have already taken my strategy masterclass- or are already offering and loving strategy sessions

Are willing to see yourself as an expert and strategic partner with your clients-even the ones that are so dreamy, we put them on a pedestal 

Are willing to commit to major mindset shifts to abundance- get ready to fully step into your CEO self and truly value what you have to offer

Have a strategy, big picture mindset- you get to help visionary entrepreneurs see what else is possible!

Have done the Kolbe or Clifton Strengths tests, or something similar that helps you identify yourself as a big picture thinker- you need to know you love it and you’re in your zone of genius.

So, is this for you right now?

Have already built your consulting offer and want to refine it. This program will be the perfect opportunity to enhance, automate, and easily convert clients into your offer and get more incredible results 

This is not the right offer for you right now if ...

You’re a new business owner or just getting started building a business- you need to have gotten successful results for clients to move into a consulting role

You are already invested in other intensive coaching programs- you’ll need to be able focus exclusively on this offer for seven weeks and commit to 2-4 hours of implementation homework a week.

You are not willing to do the work- I’m going to hold your hand through this process but you need to put in the time and effort.

You love putting in the work and making things happen- You really enjoy implementing and doing for your clients!

hi, i'm melissa Froehlich 

I help entrepreneurs just like you gain clarity and strategy for growth.

I know firsthand the transformational power of adding consulting services to your business model--both for you and your clients. 
I created The Consulting Framework Accelerator because consulting is what changed my business, allowed me to diversify and work at a high level with people that didn’t trade time for dollars and I want you to have that same opportunity in your business. 
I’m also a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) and Fix This Next Certified Advisor. I’ve designed specific programs based on over 15 years of experience in the entrepreneurial and corporate business space. 

I’ve worked with some of the most dynamic businesses in the world and have first hand accounts of what makes a multi-six and seven figure business successful….and what doesn’t.

that's me!

In 2015, I quit my cushy Fortune 500 jet-setting corporate job to be with my military husband. A few months later, started my online business as a $12/hour VA and slowly scaled to a 6-figure business with a booked out calendar of super happy dream clients. 
But the way my business model was set up, there was no way I was going to scale any further. Pretty much right after I got my OBM certification, I realized I did not love the doing either. 
My mindset wasn’t in the right place. I didn’t see myself as an expert. 

And if you know you’re anything like me (Kolbe 8-3-5-3, counterphobic Enneagram 6, aka diehard big picture strategist geek), joining The Consulting Framework Accelerator and adding consulting to your business model could be THE game changer when it comes to doing what you love AND scaling your business.

Why Me? Why The Consulting Framework Accelerator?

This is the part where I say, I get it. I’ve been there. 

Then I added strategy sessions to my services and I loved them. My clients loved them. Great! I thought. How can I do more of this?
How do I help my clients create massive clarity so they can implement on their own and I don't have to handhold?

Without really believing it was possible, I threw out my first consulting offer and I found out people loved it even more! Now I could help both my OBM retainer clients and solopreneurs that were just getting their feet wet in business growth and team building.
Did my skill set from my old job help me as a consultant? You bet, just like my skills and experience as a VA and OBM helped me. 

But nothing got me to level up faster than working on my mindset and believing that I was an expert, when I finally stopped putting my clients on a pedestal and starting to believe in myself, in my abilities, in my genius.

The Consulting Framework Accelerator isn’t a complex offer. The complex part is making that mindset shift from only "doing" to viewing yourself as the trusted expert.
I have done the work and gotten results. I have walked the walk. I wasn’t a consultant in the corporate world. I learned in the online world. I’ve been in your shoes and now I’m on the other side, ready when you are to help you across.

I've got answers.

you've got questions...

What is the difference between consulting and retainer work?

Consulting is the relationship with a client or business that involves providing influence (through knowledge, experience, strategy) but does not involve any implementation or power in the actual decision making process.

Simply put: Consulting is providing knowledge, direction, strategy without actually being responsible for, or doing, the implementation.

Will people actually pay consulting rates?

Yes. People will actually pay consulting rates to have access and guidance from people with experience and expertise in areas which they do not. 

Do I need to have tons of hands on experience in order to be a consultant?

No, not necessarily. You do need to have confidence in delivering your knowledge and expertise in a strategic fashion, leading the business owner in terms of next steps to reach their goals, etc. 

Do I need any special certifications in order to offer consulting services?

No. You certainly don't need any certifications to offer general consulting. You may want to consider consulting in a specialized area at some point, which may require additional certifications in order to share particular material and frameworks.

Can I offer consulting in addition to retainer work in my business?


How many hours per month do your consulting contracts generally require?

3-5 hours per month, which is the fraction of the time I spent with retainer clients.

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