58: How Slowing Down Helped Me Scale My Business

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I’ve never been comfortable with slowing down. I felt guilty taking days off, treating myself, and even just tapping the breaks in my business.

But as my business has grown, I’ve learned to create – and embrace – white space in my schedule. I’ve seen the difference that a period of rest can make.

It’s so tempting to keep pushing, to accomplish one goal and immediately move on to the next.

Slow down. Take a look around. Appreciate how far you’ve come and rest up for everything that’s in store.

You have permission to take a break, to appreciate all you’ve done so far, and to give yourself time to recover. You – and your business – deserve it.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How I learned to create “white space” in my business
  • Recognizing rest as a necessity for growth
  • Why we should reflect on our accomplishments
  • How investing in my business helped me scale and evolve
  • Allowing yourself to rest and recover during Q4
  • Figuring out what you really want from your business
  • Why the hard inner work is the most worthwhile

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