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Business Growth + Mindset Program for women who are ready to rewire their mindset to stop playing small & start running their biz like the confident CEO they are capable of being.

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2022 is your year to reach new heights in your business. But to be big, you have to think big (and stop getting in your own way!)


You’ve already built something incredible that people love... so why can’t you seem to trust yourself to know how to take your biz to the next level?

You’re more than a business-owner. You’re a CEO building a legitimate company. It’s time to get unstuck in your fear mindset & fully embrace that role.

Remember that time you promised yourself you’d launch once you did more research?

That you’d eventually hire out once you have more systems in place?

Or, that you’d finally be ready to take your business to the next level once you earn “just one more” certification, program, or course?

I’m all for ongoing education and learning, but there comes a point where learning more is actually a form of just putting off what you REALLY want to achieve in your business. 

You already have all the skills you need to take your biz to the next level… so, what's holding you back?

It’s not that you don’t have the skills or expertise to take your biz to the next level—whatever that looks like for you.

You’ve already invested in just about every mastermind, course, and program out there to sharpen your skills as a service provider. Deep down, you know that you’re smart enough to take that next big step in your business. You’ve seen the other women in your space who are further along in their biz, and you know that your experience far outweighs theirs!

Do you feel like the constant need to do more is holding you back from achieving more in business?⁠⁠

And yet, you still can’t help but feel like you’re not ready.

(And distracting yourself from taking action by burying yourself in another course isn’t going to solve anything.)
But that changes NOW.

Unlike other “scale your way to success” programs, Amplify is designed to rewire your brain towards a growth-focused, CEO mindset, so you can remove the roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and baggage that's blocking you from your true potential.

You can have the best strategy in the world, but if your mindset isn't calibrated appropriately, then your results will only be a fraction of what is truly possible for you. And you did not become a business owner to only reach a fraction of your potential!

It’s up to you to prioritize yourself as the CEO of your business (and be held accountable to that decision!), so you can bridge the gap between your mindset and your business strategy.

Ready for the truth? It’s not your expertise holding you back… it’s your mindset.

This year is your year to finally make it happen. And I’ll be here to help you do that.

i'd love to welcome you to...

Recalibrate to Amplify:
Business Growth + Mindset Program

(Amplify for Short!)

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what is recalibrate to amplify? 

Recalibrate to Amplify is a group coaching program for women who are ready to step into their role as the confident CEO of their business by learning strategies needed to understand & embody a growth-focused mindset.

It’s also the MOST ACCESSIBLE way to work with me in 2022!

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- Marjorie T.

It’s time for you to fine-tune the most important part of your business. Hint: it’s not your strategy, your framework, or your processes… it’s YOU.

You haven’t always been stuck frozen in this place of fear, uncertainty, and doubt in your ability to move your business forward. There was something inside of you that believed in yourself and took a chance on launching your biz in the first place, right?

You already know you have what it takes to take this next big step forward, too. You’ve proven it to yourself and the world before, and I have no doubt you can do it again.

We just need to recalibrate your mindset to operating from a place of growth and possibility, so you can amplify the things you’re already succeeding at in biz and your opportunities for growth.

(Don’t worry—I had to do the same thing myself!)

“Of all of the coaches I've hired, Melissa is the only one who was able to identify that wire in my brain that needed adjusting!”

hi, i'm melissa Froehlich 

Business Coach, Consultant, & Certified Mindset Coach

Like you, I felt like I had to do all the things to be considered qualified or capable of reaching new heights in my business.

I left my 6-figure corporate world to make $12/hour as a Virtual Assistant, in pursuit of more freedom for my husband and kids. Once I pivoted to the role of Online Business Manager, my business grew fast (thanks to lots of hard work and resilience), to the point that other OBMs were asking me to coach them to grow their own businesses! Awesome, right? Maybe on paper, but there was a problem…

I had a severe case of imposter syndrome.

Even with the successful online business I’d built, plus my years of experience teaching others, I thought I needed to do even MORE (another certification, another course, another program) to finally beat my imposter syndrome and feel ready to pivot my OBM business for coaching—something I truly wanted to do, and had demand for, but didn’t feel ready for that shift.

that's me!

Turns out I didn’t need to do more.

I just needed someone to help me realize I already had everything I needed to start right now.

I may have taken the hard road to get to where I’m at in business today, but that does NOT mean it was the right way or the best way.

In fact, there is a much more sustainable way to do it. And turns out, you don’t have to do it alone, either.

You already have a proof of concept. You have the clients, skills, and know-how to reach your level of success. Now, you just need to see it, feel it, and believe it for yourself!

Rewire your mindset so you can recalibrate your biz + amplify your results in 2022 and beyond!



Six months of dedicated mindset & business growth support that will teach you how to embody the confident, next-level CEO self you’re more than capable of becoming. ($6000 value)

Here’s how I’ll help you get there with Amplify

Two Monthly Group Coaching Calls led by Melissa Froehlich, Certified Mindset Coach & Business Growth Strategist and other leading industry experts ($9000+ value)

Daily Voxer Access during our 5 months together ($6000 value)

Exclusive trainings, resources, & tools to support your CEO development ($500 value)

Private Slack channel for communication with the group and for receiving reminders and important updates ($697 value)

total value: over $22,000

All at your fingertips, for a fraction of the cost.

Only 15 spots available—join now and have peace of mind for setting yourself up for success in 2022

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“Working with Melissa Froehlich is epic. She helped me realize the potential within my business - and myself. I love the honest feedback she gives (no fluff or bs) to kick me into gear and do what needs to be done for maximum growth.

Melissa helped me scale beyond what I even considered and is constantly challenging me. She is my rock, my mentor, my coach, and my friend - when I need to make a business decision I turn to her first.

Working with Melissa is hands down the best investment I have made in my business”

- Melissa Watson Swire

“Melissa helped me scale beyond what I even considered.”

You’ve already invested so much time, money, and energy on building your business to where it’s at today. But how much have you really, truly invested in you?


it's time to invest in you.

Now is your opportunity to show yourself that you do have what it takes to take to uplevel your business. And, you’ll see a return on this investment for years to come—because your mind is always the one thing you can completely control! 

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$467 per month

Year-Long Program

12 month commitment


Recalibrate to Amplify is a community designed for women CEOs who...

is this for you?

• Are in the scale phase of their business who need support taking their business to the next level.

• Have an established, validated offer suite (with room to refine!) and need help overcoming mindset blocks holding them back from the next level of growth.

• Are ready to hit consistent $10-20k months and beyond.

• Are ready to grow their teams with the right-fit team members and be the leader of their business.

• Are ready to contribute to an online community where they can grow with like-minded women driven to success.

• Crave accountability and thrive in the presence of a supportive, like-minded community.

• Are ready to step into their CEO role and become the confident leader of their business.

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Sure, you could stay where you’re at right now. Feeling stuck in the same place in your business, knowing that you’ve hardly even tapped into your potential yet, but not sure how to finally unlock it.

Or, you can do something different.

You can invest in the one thing you haven’t invested in yet: your mindset.

You don’t need anyone else to fix you or save you. But, you do need a bit of a push. Someone to teach you how to trust yourself, play up your mindset strengths, focus on your weaknesses, and hold you accountable to continue working on these things in ALL stages of your business.

Because as you continue to grow, the more you’ll need the skill set to continuously recalibrate as you go, so you can continue amplifying your results (and avoid feeling stuck and stagnant down the road!)

You could be just a few months away from a completely rewired + recalibrated you.

Ready to step into the role of confident CEO in 2022?

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“It feels like you effortlessly weave in mindset growth with business growth... you put the mindset + process together for a very unique and powerful coaching experience.”

At the end of our 6 months together, you’ll walk away with...

Deep understanding of your mindset strengths & weaknesses

A personalized toolkit of resources, habits, and thoughts to amplify your business and mindset so that you can continue expanding into the greatest version of yourself.

Well-rounded training to fully develop your CEO mindset 

Skills to recalibrate your mindset & approach as you continue to scale your business

More confidence as CEO of your business who understands & embodies a growth-focused mindset

Imagine what could happen if you say yes to you this year...


This year isn’t about saying yes to doing more, or trying to become more in your business.

It’s about recognizing that you already are MORE than enough in your business—that you already have all the knowledge, expertise, and unique value to serve your people how nobody else can.

In 6 months, you can have the mindset needed to take your business to places never imagined possible (and beyond!) You can have a deeper understanding of you, a network of like-minded, successful women to support you as you grow, and, most importantly, you can feel like the confident CEO you’ve always strived to become.

It’s time to trust and believe in yourself, once and for all.

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Are you ready to finally say YES to growth in your mindset, business, and in yourself?

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