8 Ways to Get More Clients

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Getting More Clients

It’s a delicate dance mixed with a wild roller coaster – continuing to grow your client roster and manage the day-to-day business operations.  I get it.  That’s why I’m sharing 8 ways to help you get more clients for your business.  These are the methodologies that have proven successful for my business growth – not just some magical list of ideas.  

Tips that Work

  1. Show up in Facebook Groups.  Yep, you heard me.  Facebook efforts can be monetized.  Get super clear on your ideal clients.  Join groups where they are likely to be present.  Show up.  Add significant value and establish yourself as a resource.  Here’s what NOT to do:  Don’t be spammy.  Never, ever, inbox someone without their permission.  This is just poor etiquette (and it happens all of the time). 
  1. Write blog content that appeals to your audience.  Share interesting, valuable, and timely information.  Solve their issues.  Establish yourself as a…wait for it…trusted resource.  
  1. Ask for testimonials from current and past clients.  Share those testimonials on your social media pages such as LinkedIn and your business Facebook page.  
  1. Create an unparalleled client experience.  Wow your clients.  They will want to talk about how amazing you are and you will be shocked at how easily the referrals will come.  Set up a streamlined, user-experience-driven onboarding process.  Communicate clearly.  Set expectations. 

Here’s a client experience tip:  automate it as much as you can.  I like to use Dubsado for my client discovery and onboarding.  Once set up, it takes so much effort out of the process and creates a high-touch, client-focused experience.  Wow them out of the gate.  Send a welcome gift or a just because gift.  BoxFox is a fantastic option full of fun and unique gift ideas.   I recently sent a client a BarkBox when her family got a new puppy.  

  1. Be active on social media via your business.  Choose a platform and stay consistent.  Don’t be flighty with your social media; when it comes to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram focus on the content you’re putting out there (confirming your credibility).  Create a strategy.  Plan your content in advance.  If this isn’t your jam; outsource it.  If you can’t afford to outsource it, look to barter with someone.  
  1. Use a CRM.  Follow up with people.  Track conversations.  Make the effort to reach out and nurture relationships.   A simple spreadsheet works fine for this!  Consider using GSheets or Airtable. 

Dear [Potential Client],  A spot on my waitlist just opened up and since I really enjoyed the conversation that we had in [Insert month], I wanted to reach out to you to see if you’re still looking for someone to handle X.”

  1. Get super clear on your audience and focus on them.  Look for local seminars, trainings, networking events, etc.  Don’t discount the power of in-person connections, even if your focus is in remote/online work.  
  1. Never. Stop. Marketing.  Have your business hat on wherever you go.  You never know when you might need to organically pitch your services.  It could be at the hair salon, when you’re picking up your dog from the groomer, or while you’re waiting in line at Starbucks.  Look for opportunities everywhere and be ready to come to the table with a solution. 

Trust me, if you stick to these tips, you’ll have success. They’ve worked for me, and they’re not too tricky. I’d love to hop on a coaching call together to discuss them further. Business coaching can support your goals, helping you exponentially grow your list of dream clients.


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