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Grab my personal toolkit of resources, tools, templates, and tactics that have taken my business to consistent $10-20K months and beyond!

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The UpLevel Toolkit

The done-for-you tools you need to transform piles of stress into a business you love.


Right now, you’re:

A business owner that feels a whole lot more like someone’s VA

Dreading the morning flood of “emergency” messages

Spending a few hours taking care of clients - and the rest of the day taking care of you!

Making enough money to pay off student loans and planning a trip to the Bahamas

Landing a few, high-paying, easy-going clients and building a long-term (i.e. steady paying) relationship with them

Drowning in client work with no brain space for anything else

Paralyzed by what to do next in your own business

Totally unclear what it means to be the CEO of your business

When you started your business, you were dreaming of:

The UpLevel Toolkit is your secret to turning hot mess, client stress into a business that loves you back. 

Yes! give me the uplevel toolkit!

When you do yourself the biggest favor you’ll ever do by signing up for the UpLevel Toolkit, you’ll get instant access to these done-for-you tools that transform your business overnight. You will finally start to actually feel like the CEO of your business.

Fast track your business from overwhelmed to overbooked when you get your hands on these powerful tools that instantly deliver years of expertise and insights.

Take-and-tailor fill ins are your new best friend! Just fill in your business’ information and hit “send” to turn your sea of stress into an easy-flowin’ river of cash. 

Boundaries sweet, sweet boundaries are what stop clients from emailing you 24/7 and your project devolving into a mess of “This is *not* what they’re paying me for….”. But how do you set them if you’re already knee-deep in client work? And how do you set them so everything’s clear right off the bat? No worries - these boundary setting swipe templates will give you the exact words you need to lay out how things work and still keep your clients smiling. 

Welcome Sequence Email Templates
It’s hard to know exactly what to say when you first meet someone but these templates will make you sound suave. A four email series that gently guides your readers from downloading your freebie to signing up for your paid product. Just copy, paste, and watch your sales climb. 

About Me Copy
When it’s time to talk about yourself, everything you write sounds braggy and salesy. No problem, copy & paste your About Me outline, fill in your specifics and hit “publish” on your persuasive, personal About Me page. 

“I just bought your toolkit! What a beautiful and highly valuable resource!”

Here's what you get when you sign up for the uplevel toolkit:

Here's what you get when you sign up for the uplevel toolkit:

Welcome Sequence Email Templates

About Me Copy

Team + Hiring Email Conversations
It’s hard enough to find the perfect person for your team. Now, you don’t need to think of what to say during the hiring or evaluation process. These word-for-word email templates will walk you through exactly what to say to shape your team into a smooth-running machine. 

Marketing Conversations
Check out the exact, straight-from-the-DMs conversations that have led to 5-figure contracts. Take and tailor this guide to turn your own DMs into a money magnet. 

Email Subject Lines That Convert
It’s hard to get the attention you need - especially in your readers’ inbox. But these done-for-you subject lines are guaranteed to boost your open rates and get eyes on your offer.

Client Onboarding and Offboarding Checklists
Yes! You’ve landed your client - now what? And once you’ve wowed them with your work, how do you send them off into the sunset with a feel-good ending? No problem, this 28 point checklist will help you ease them in and see them out like a polished pro.

Email Subject Lines That Convert

Client Onboarding

Marketing Conversations

Team + Hiring Email Conversations

and Offboarding



One of the best things about running your own business is that your days are never the same. But sometimes, that means weird things pop up and you might not know exactly how to handle them.


      Resume Requests
      Discovery, Onboarding, and
      Missed Payments
      Contract Renewals
      Late Payment Notices
      Breakup Email Examples


This exact proposal brought in more than $20K in just six months. It’s ready and waiting for you to customize, personalize, and monetize. 

These savvy resources are tweaked after years of experience and client feedback. They’re designed to make you look (and feel) like a money-ballin’ boss:




Sometimes you don’t need answers - you just need someone to ask the right questions. These prompts will shake loose your old way of thinking and get the creativity flowing.


You already know boundaries are the answer to kicking stress to the curb. But how do you set them in a way that leaves your clients just as happy as you? It’s actually a clear, 3 step process that keeps your work focused on what you do best. 

The UpLevel Toolkit was created with years of expertise, clever fixes, and trade secrets - all packed into one place to not only make your life easier, but to attract premium clients so you can finally end the time suck and flood your business (and life!) with joy.

Wondering exactly how THE UPLEVEL TOOLKIT will transform your business?



Drag out of bed, dreading the deluge of client emails you know are waiting for you

Sit down at your desk wondering which client “emergency” you should tackle first

Waste an hour struggling to answer an email, trying to explain they want you to do something outside what you’re supposed to be doing

Work through lunch time to finish a last-minute client request

Scroll through Instagram and wonder how all those successful businesses make it happen...

Watch your afternoon disappear down a hole of client work, while the guilt of not doing anything for your business piles up


The UpLevel Toolkit:

Greet the morning with a smile, excited to work on a new idea for your business

Have a clear list of To Dos - all of which are in your zone of genius

Copy, paste, and hit “send” on an email template that convinces a new client to pay for the year in advance

Meet your friend for lunchtime yoga and then walk your dog in the park

Let a potential client know they’re not a good fit without a drop of guilt or worry

Start that new recipe you found you know your family is going to love

You *could* spend years making mistakes, putting up with Negative Nancy, and learning the hard way. Or you could just click below to get instant access to the done-for-you templates that make your life Oh-So-Smooth.

Yes! give me the uplevel toolkit!

“I have been able to book two networking calls and one sales call within the last month from applying what I learned!”

- Kari Roberts

Think of all those times you thought, “I would PAY someone to just tell me how to turn this around.” And now you can. For just $197, you can have the ready-to-go answers you need to:

The UpLevel Toolkit

saves you tons of stress, costly mistakes, and tears.

Stop clients from pinging you 24/7

Start charging what you’re really worth

Spend time (Actual TIME!) focusing on your own business’ growth

When you click above to purchase The UpLevel Toolkit, you’ll get instant access to all the done-for-you tools and resources you need via Kajabi. A simple download and fill-in and you can be done in a few minutes.

Your only problem then, is what to do with all your free time…….

The UpLevel Toolkit is the hold-your-hand method to quickly transform your business. Right now, every day is a tug of war between your clients demanding your time and your own business calling out for help. 

You can’t keep doing this. 

You need to clear the decks so you can smartly manage your clients, expand your own business, and live a life you love. 

The UpLevel Toolkit is your answer.

You can make back your investment with your first copy & paste proposal. 

i'm ready! let's do this!

It won’t just show you how to seal the deal, land the job, and set happy boundaries, it will give you the exact words to do it. 

You’re literally a copy and paste away from reshaping your life. 
So what are you waiting for?

Turn your stressed out life into your blissed out business by signing up for The UpLevel Toolkit now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get access to everything?

I’m looking for a 1:1 experience. Can you do that?

Does this offer include access to you?

In order to keep the cost as affordable as possible, this particular product does not include 1:1 access to me. BUT! We have several other coaching options that DO! Click here to check out our group programs or book a call to discuss 1:1 coaching with me. 

Do you have a facebook group?

You bet! You can click here to book a call and get the answers you need to make the right choice for you and your business. 

When you sign up, you’ll be sent Kajabi login information. Once inside the platform, you’ll have full access to all the templates, tools, and resources listed above. You’re literally minutes away from being done with your next, polished, professional email.

I’m glad you asked! Yes - and you can click here to join for tons of free support, answers to your most common questions, and live trainings. I can’t wait to see you there!

Would you rather:

Open your cache of ready-to-use tools to send the perfect email? OR Spend hours struggling to write an email and hit “Send”, kind of hoping no one reads it?

Do work you don’t want to do at prices that aren’t enough anymore? OR Onboard new clients with your done-for-you framework that lets them know exactly which of your genius skills they’ll be able to enjoy at your new (higher) rates?

Spend all your time putting out client fires and squeeze in work for your own business here and there? OR Easily wow your clients in just a few hours a day and have plenty of time to focus on your own growth?

You could spend your days wondering if you should go back to your 9-5 while putting out an endless parade of client fires

You could buy THE UPLEVEL TOOLKIT now and run your business from your zone of genius.


Yes! Give me The UpLevel Toolkit!

"This is a perfect place to start if you don't know where to turn in getting the foundations of your business set up."

- Lindsay Connolly

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