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Learn how to create a strategy planning session offer that your clients will rave about. I'm going to teach you exactly how to structure, create, and deliver an exceptional strategy session offer that will allow you to SCALE!

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Sell your Strategy.

That is totally possible with the power of strategy sessions!

Clients love opportunities to get quick wins and plans that they can then implement QUICKLY!
If you are an online service-based business, how would it feel to ONLY handle the STRATEGY... and skip the actual DOING of the work?

These sessions help you generate revenue quickly, in less time, and with less STRESS than serving a client 1-1.
If you want to reach 6-figures, you need offers that serve your audience without requiring more TIME.

Imagine being able to serve more people in your zone of genius without having to do the actual WORK?

Imagine creating a full-time income without working full-time hours?!

Imagine becoming a sought-after expert known for your incredible ideas and thoughts... not just what you can do?

Selling my strategy sessions was the way I initially scaled my business.
I've seen how powerful they are... and these sessions are in DEMAND right now!!
And, in this Masterclass + template bundle, I lay out my processes, systems, and tools so that you can successfully craft and launch your own strategy session offer in a weekend!
Get access to my template bundle and Masterclass now and get started! 

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Here's how it works.


This Masterclass is JUICY! I give everything away for how to create this offer and sell it!

You get my exact process, template, and all the important information that will allow you to effectively sell 90-Day Planning sessions to your clients, regardless of what industry you are in, and provide them with amazing results!!

I'm going to teach you... 

what you need in place in order to sell and execute


what you should do prior to the session

leading the session

what you should cover during the call


what you should include

Time commitment

how much time to reserve for completion 


how to initially price your offer and increase over time


real examples of what I've helped clients achieve in these sessions


how to offer this as a VIP day (yes, you can do it virtual) but this will also give you some ideas for future offers in Q3 + Q4

Ready to create a profitable strategy session offer right now?

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I'm ready!

What people are saying about this masterclass:

“I just watched the Masterclass last night and already booked my first strategy session for next week. Today I'm going to work through setting up all the processes but just using some of the verbiage that you used to present the offer to the client helped me move this one off the fence.”

“Melissa's Strategy Sessions Class completely changed the way I do business and I saw immediate ROI and then doubled that within the month. If you want to increase your sales certainty and doing what is right for your clients, run, do not walk to get this”

“First of all... Why didn't I purchase this masterclass sooner?! Seriously, it gave me the clarity I needed in my OBM business! ”

Here's whats included:

Watch the entire Masterclass (with slides!) to get a full picture of how these amazing sessions can fit into your existing business!


masterclass + hot seat coaching

watch the hot seat coaching session to get real world examples of women successfully adding these offers into their businesses!

value: $997

You get access to REAL examples, checklists, and process documents! I've laid out my EXACT systems, with step-by-step guidance

You can create YOUR unique strategy session offer in a weekend!

Plug-and-Play Resources

value: $497

Want even more? I've included tons of juicy bonus trainings!

Included is a library of trainings for how to best utilize the POWER of strategy sessions to scale!

I will teach you how to use strategy sessions to lead into high-ticket consulting, how to conduct 90-day planning, and more are waiting for you!

bonus trainings

value: $997

..and you can get access to it for just $197!


This Masterclass is a $2500+ value

If you sold just ONE strategy session, you would make back your investment.... and then some!
If you run with this offer, you could scale to multiple 6-figures and become a booked out expert!
I've helped hundreds of women add these powerful offers into their businesses... I can't wait to help you, too! 

get access now!

I've got answers.

you've got questions...

What is a Strategy Session?

These one-time sessions are a 1-1 client experience. You work 1-1 with a client to help them in one particular area or strategy that utilizes your specialized experience!

Usually, these sessions are a one-time call, plus follow up report or deliverable.

You could offer them on ANY topic that your clients consistently seem to want help with OR an area that uses your own genius!

The sky is truly the limit! And... this Masterclass shows you EXACTLY how to discover and build YOUR unique offer!

I'm nervous about offering these! Do you show me what to do?

This Masterclass breaks down my signature process, including how to onboard these clients, prepare for your session, show up with CONFIDENCE, and create a deliverable that totally WOWS!

I leave NOTHING out! You can take my training and examples to build your session framework in a weekend!

What specific ways has this Masterclass helped your clients?

My clients have increased their income, felt more confident in their offers, and built actual deliverables that they could use right away!

I don't do fluff. The training + templates are designed to get you up and running QUICKLY, with a Strategy Session offer you can use to make money right away.

How long do we have access to the materials?

How does lifetime access sound? When you purchase from me, there are no limits on what you will get!

I've added bonus content since creating this Masterclass as well!

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