3 QuickTips for Staying Focused During the Work Day

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Entrepreneurs are driven; always committed to projects, to our businesses, and our lives being as successful as possible. We’re constantly looking for ways to create new products, bigger and better ideas, etc. Therefore, staying focused during the workday can sometimes be a challenge. 

We are visionaries. Our brains are idea making machines, constantly moving our focus from one idea to the next, from project to project, many times, before we’ve gotten a single project finished. It’s similar to getting halfway through a book and starting a new one because an ad on social media caught your attention. Guilty? We all are.

3 QuickTips for Staying Focused During the Work Day

“Shiny object syndrome” is to blame. As entrepreneurs constantly chase newer, bigger, and better, it’s easy to become distracted. Constantly having ideas running through our brains becomes exhausting and can set us back from keeping our focus on the now. Here are just a few ways to avoid shiny object syndrome and stay focused during the workday:

1. Make Lists

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Lists help keep our brains in check. Have a great idea? GREAT! Add it to the bottom of your list so it’s not forgotten later. Keep the most important “must-do” projects at the top of your list. Checking items off a list not only feels great, but it helps keep you focused on what’s most important.

2. Take Away Digital Distractions

Smartphones have become our lifelines; especially as entrepreneurs. Missing a call or a text can be vital to our day. They’re also great for breaking our focus. How many times do you check your phone in an hour? According to my iPhone, I pick up my phone an average of six times per hour. How can anyone stay focused on their work when constantly picking up their phone? Turn off or silence any app that would encourage you to lose focus. Apple has a great feature called downtime to schedule time away from your phone – you can choose which apps you are still capable of using during that time. Focus on your work – turn off any digital distractions that you don’t need to run your business.

3. Take Breaks

We put our brains into overdrive quickly. The more we try to focus on something, the easier it is to get distracted. Feeling frustrated about your current project? Take a quick walk around the office. Are symptoms of shiny object syndrome hitting you? Grab a healthy snack, listen to your body, it is important that we respect our work-life balance too. Properly fueling your body helps to keep you energized, wards away brain fog and helps to regain focus.

Avoiding shiny object syndrome can take a little bit of effort, especially when ideas are constantly flying through our brains. At the beginning of the day make a priority list and stick to that list. Be diligent with your calendar and your project management tool.  Check your inbox.  Create action items.  Build good habits.  And, most importantly, avoid distractions and keep fueling your body.

You will be shocked at how quickly your productivity increases by simply implementing these three quick and easy steps.


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