Simple Ways To Stay Focused On Your Business Growth

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Staying focused on your own business growth can be harder than it seems. In an effort to help you prioritize focusing on your own business growth, I am going to share a few simple tips that have helped me immensely over the years.

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Dedicate Time For Business Growth

One of my favorite ways to stay focused on my own business growth is to be intentional with scheduling time that supports this.  I often call this “CEO time” or your “CEO days” when I’m coaching my clients. 

The key to success is to start small and work into a bigger chunk of time.  Even if you can schedule one hour each week, it will absolutely make a difference. Eventually, you may want to get to a full day or two, each week, that is dedicated to your own business.  This can take time, so be patient and consistent with prioritizing dedicated time to focus on your business growth..  Make sure to block it on your calendar, just like you would if it was a client. 

Optimize Your Environment

Set your space up for success.  This simple act will help you take prioritizing your business growth to the next level.  Your environment absolutely matters.  . Do you have a quiet place to focus?  If you don’t, make this a priority over time.  Having a dedicated space is important for both productivity and creativity.  It’s important to feel good while you work. If you find yourself in a funk, try going for a short walk or possibly doing some other form of exercise in order to clear your mind.  Meditation, journaling, dancing it out in your office — these all all help to reset your mind.  I personally like to put some essential oils in my diffuser and add a few drops of my favorite grounding blend onto my wrists. 

Depending on what I’m working on, I may play some classical music or possibly even Jack Johnson Radio in the background.   Make sure if you choose to incorporate sound, that it is calming and stimulates creative focus instead of distracting you. 

Be Intentional With Your Time

Have a plan.  Decide on one to three key things you will focus on during your dedicated CEO time.  If you don’t make progress in all areas, that’s perfectly ok. 

If you have trouble working through large blocks of time, set a timer for fifteen or twenty minute sprints with five minute breaks in between.

Be sure to plan your next focus session before wrapping up your current one.  I like to encourage my clients to book CEO time weekly and keep a standing time block on the calendar. 

Remember that when you step into your CEO role, that effort counts.  Finding time to focus on your own business will directly impact what’s possible in terms of your overall growth.  Want more easy business growth tips like this? Listen to the PODCAST or join my free Facebook Community:  The UpLevel Lounge. 


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