49: Shift How You Define Success and Change the Way You Show Up as Your CEO Self

Shift How You Define Success and Change the Way You Show Up as Your CEO Self

You have the power to shift the way you look at success. Success isn’t only achieved when you reach your milestone or end goal.

Success is all of the little moments.

You have to reframe the way you look at it or you will spend too much time feeling unsuccessful. Enjoy the achievements big and small along your journey.

Do the things that will make you feel successful, whether that’s treating yourself to a well-deserved pedicure every other week or signing up for a Stitch Fix subscription so you can embody that successful founder.

We spend too much time living out someone else’s version of success. Reframing how you view success will change how you show up every day in your business and as your CEO self.



On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:


  • What mindset hurdles come up for people when it comes to success
  • My advice on aiming to create sustainable success
  • A reminder that success is a feeling
  • Why you should lean into what will help you feel successful
  • Why it’s critical to celebrate your achievements and successes
  • Why you should pause and examine if your definition of success is actually yours


Resources Mentioned:


Karissa Harrison // @karissaharrison
Stitch Fix


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