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The Kolbe is an instinct assessment that measures your conative strengths or how you strive when free to be yourself.  You receive a result in the form of four numbers on a scale of 1-10, reflective of which zone you fall into in each of the four Action Modes®.  These four numbers are referred to as your MO(method of operation or Modus Operandi).

The Action Modes® are as follows:  Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start and Implementer.

The Four Kolbe Action Modes ®

Fact FinderHow we gather and share information.

Behavior ranges from gathering detailed information to simplifying and summarizing.

Follow Thru – How we organize and design. 

Behavior ranges from creating structure to reducing cumbersome  processes. 

Quick Start – How we deal with risk and uncertainty.

Behavior ranges from driving change and innovation to stabilizing and preventing chaos. 

Implementor – How we deal with space and tangibles. 

Behavior ranges from building concrete solutions to imagining the abstract. 

Within each of the four modes, your strengths fall within one of three zones of operation.  These zones are: Initiating Action (7-10), Reaction (4-6), or CounterAction (1-3). 

Your longest line is where you naturally spend the most time when doing and creating.

The four numbers indicate your MO (Modus Operandi). 

I’m an 8-3-5-3

This means I initiate action in my Fact Finder mode, followed by my Quick Start, then Follow Thru, and lastly Implementor. 

A few key considerations when it comes to your Kolbe results.

  • There are no “good” or “bad” Kolbe results.  

  • The Kolbe A Index highlights your strengths in regards to your conative abilities or how you strive when free to be yourself. 

  • The Kolbe A reflects your natural instincts when striving; it is not indicative of what you “can” do, rather what you “will do” when free to do a project or task “your way”.

Your Kolbe A result identifies and validates your natural conative talents.  This is your instinctive method of operation that enables you to be your best self, work within your strengths (instead of against them), be more productive, and ultimately avoid burnout. 

Use  your Kolbe A Index results to be more productive, less stressed, and greatly reduce the potential for burnout!

Next Steps:

Take the Kolbe A assessment and receive a personalized interpretation of your results, including strategic next steps,  tailored for your individual circumstances.

Melissa Froehlich is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and works with individuals and teams of various sizes across a wide array of industries including online entrepreneurs, dietitians, interior designers, real estate professionals, financial professionals, lawyers, doctors, and agriculture and farming sectors.

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