97: How Latrice’s ADHD Has Helped Her Build a Business that Fits Her Lifestyle

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I am so excited for you to hear this episode with my friend Latrice Prater. Latrice  now runs an agency that works with business women to help them build their systems and operations. She also works as an ADHD success strategist, helping others to understand how to find their strengths and craft a business and schedule that works for their unique needs.

But, before her ADHD diagnosis, Latrice jumped from job to job when she got bored, and never fully understood why she couldn’t settle on one thing. Her diagnosis helped her to understand that she has to do work that truly lights her up. She learned everything she could about how her neurodiversity affects her specifically—and how to see it as a gift.

In this episode, she shares how her core values and knowing her worth impact the work she does and the clients that she works with. She uses her individuality to her advantage, plays to her strengths, delegates what isn’t for her, and runs a business her way. 

I hope you love these inspiring words from this powerhouse entrepreneur and follow her example by embracing your own unique traits and personality to build a one-of-a-kind, fulfilling life and business that works for you. 

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How Latrice came to own and run her own business
  • How she uses transparency as a tool to identify her strengths as a leader
  • When she shifted from working from home to starting an agency
  • How it felt navigating new clients in a short time frame
  • The importance of knowing your value and your worth
  • How her business from virtual assistant to business support partner
  • Mindset challenges she has faced and how self-awareness has helped her
  • How her ADHD helps her focus on what she is interested in
  • How she stays in tune with her physical and mental needs
  • The importance of understanding how ADHD affects how you operate
  • How her neurodiversity has impacted her core values
  • About the ADHD success strategy aspect of her business
  • The effect that being an entrepreneur has on her kids
  • The importance of having buy-in with the clients she takes on

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Resources Mentioned:

Latrice’s book – Money Basics

Latrice’s Freebie Guide

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Meet Latrice

Latrice Prater is a Neurodivergent CEO of The Digital Solutions Team, a virtual agency providing business solutions to female business owners. Latrice is a wife and mother of 3, who currently resides in the Austin Texas area. She is also an ADHD Success Strategist that is fiercely passionate about people, personal and professional development, and harnessing her authenticity to attract her tribe. Latrice loves to provide training and guidance to women who are service providers and identify as neurodivergent. As a woman in business with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety, Bipolar II Disorder, and Insomnia, she knows firsthand the challenges one faces to run and sustain a profitable business. She started her journey as a business owner in February 2020 as a solopreneur. She now leads a small agency and continues to scale her six-figure business.

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