93: Don’t Let “Consistency” Drive You to Burnout

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“Just be consistent and you’ll be successful!”

I think every entrepreneur has heard this at some point in their career.

Consistency is an important part of your business, but it’s easy to get caught up in it to the point of burnout. Post on social media every day. Answer every single comment and DM. Be there for your audience 24/7.

Consistency is about more than just showing up on social media. Consistency is about showing up for your audience or your clients, yes, but it’s also about showing up for yourself.

As a CEO, you have a lot to juggle between prioritizing your personal and your business needs. Remember that paying attention to what you need is a form of consistency. Whether you need a day for admin work or you need a full-on break, it’s about checking in with yourself and making sure that your consistency aligns with your goals, your values, and your boundaries.

 Consistency is about showing up—but it doesn’t have to look the same every day or even week to week. It’s not black and white. Understanding the nuances of what it means to you and for you will help you go from resisting the idea to moving forward in a way that benefits you and your business.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • What to do when your creativity is not flowing
  • Reframing your approach to and thoughts about consistency
  • The importance of prioritizing yourself when you need a mental or creative break
  • How to recognize what’s going well in your business and where you have the opportunity to create more ease
  • Why you should reflect on whether your consistency is alignment with your core values and boundaries

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