Discovery Calls – and Why They Are Important

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Let me tell you about discovery calls and why they’re so important. 

I recently jumped on a discovery call with a photographer, a local photographer here in Las Vegas, who I was interested in hiring to do a brand photoshoot for me. 

The discovery call was important for two key reasons.

First of all, I formed an instant connection with her. I liked her personality, which was something that I wasn’t able to connect with through her social media posts.  It’s just not possible to pass along the same level of personality through your posts, your blogs, etc. no matter how hard you try.   That’s one reason why discovery calls, done correctly, can be so effective.  You get a chance to truly connect with your potential client.

The second thing is, I had no idea she even had a second Instagram handle, which would have answered all the questions that I asked during our call.  The IG handle that I was following was geared specifically towards brides.  I didn’t even know that she also did branding and lifestyle photography.  So, again, that discovery call is incredibly important because a lot of times we reveal things that seem so obvious to us, as the business owner,  but aren’t to the person who is considering hiring us. 

Don’t like Discovery Calls?

I run into a lot of clients in my coaching business who say they don’t like sales calls.  I think it’s really that they aren’t confident in how to lead a sales call — that’s the underlying issue.  When you put it into perspective and realize that a mere 25 or 30 minutes out of your schedule is what can potentially (and likely) translates into hundreds or thousands of dollars…your thoughts about sales calls likely starts to change.  

Sales calls or discovery calls are valuable because they either convert to a customer who’s willing to pay for your services, or it potentially becomes a referral source. If it doesn’t convert them into a sale or a possible referral source, maybe the timing wasn’t right and it will instead be someone who will come back in the future.

Confidence in Your Calls

When you have confidence in your sales calls, the sale itself is nearly made. You’ve already come to the table with your service – that you know you’re a rockstar at – and you only need to close. Having confidence is such a big part of this, and I will admit, it’s easier said than done. That’s why I often recommend to my clients to approach sales call confidence in three easy ways. You can grab that training session here!

In approaching your sales calls with a new mindset and with an abundance of awareness and confidence, you’re sure to land the sale on the discovery call. That discovery call is the final dot at the end of your sentence. It’s an important piece to make the complete package. 

When I say, you can LOVE your sales calls, I mean it. After the right types of discovery calls, you’ll create consistent revenue.  It just takes time, a mindset shift, and leading with confidence. 


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