68: Cultivating Self-Trust in Your Business

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When you think of the word “pivot,” what comes to mind? Leaving something behind? Abandoning an idea? Wasted time?

When I think of pivoting, I think of one thing: progress.

I’ve unfortunately watched so many business owners spend years working towards goals that no longer felt aligned with them. They cling to their original dreams instead of pivoting to something they might enjoy more.

But when you give yourself permission to pivot, you open yourself and your business up to so much more growth. The time, energy, and money you spent on your original dream isn’t wasted; it’s a necessary step on your business journey.

So here’s your sign to practice self-trust and make that pivot you’ve been avoiding. You’re in charge, after all. You deserve a business you love.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Why we often seek external validation before making big decisions
  • How cultivating self-trust can radically change your life and business
  • What mindset blocks prevent us from giving ourselves “permission”
  • Why pivoting doesn’t mean you’ve wasted time, money, or energy in the past
  • How to pivot with purpose and stop chasing someone else’s dreams
  • How pivoting can help grow your business and get you closer to your purpose

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