119: Building a Confident and Healthy Money Mindset with Stephanie Jones

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When it comes to managing finances, women often get treated like their husbands should be the ones in charge of the money. Women want to be empowered to know their wealth and grow it according to their wants and needs.

Today’s guest, Stephanie Jones, is a financial advisor at a Fortune 500 company who also has launched her own business educating female entrepreneurs on how to exhibit confidence and joy when it comes to managing money. 

She’s sharing why a healthy money mindset is important, the importance of understanding what wealth means to you, and her advice for three small steps you can take today to improve your relationship with money.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Why Stephanie felt a calling to launch her own business helping female entrepreneurs build wealth
  • Why money is important for us to understand and take charge of as leaders
  • Identifying what’s holding you back when it comes to money, and the importance of developing a healthy mindset
  • How Stephanie’s clients have established positive relationships with money
  • The importance of identifying your blindspots and being coachable in building a stronger relationship with money
  • Understanding what wealth and wealth-building mean to you
  • Stephanie’s advice for three small things you can do to improve your relationship with money
  • How Stephanie has stepped further into her CEO role and mindset

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Meet Stephanie:

Stephanie Jones is the CEO and Owner of Stephanie Jones Wealth and is a financial advisor for one of Forbes’ top 20 Wealth Management Companies. Stephanie has helped others with their finances for over 17 years. Specifically, she works with female entrepreneurs to improve their relationships with money, ease the fears of money management, and achieve their financial goals.

Stephanie grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and earned her bachelor’s degree at The University of Louisville. She began her career in banking in 2006, where she quickly found her passion for Finance. Stephanie followed this calling to become a licensed Financial Advisor in 2008 and a Certified Retirement Counselor.

Stephanie later earned her Master of Business Administration with a finance and economics concentration from The Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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