134: Being Unapologetically Bold in Your Business with Lindsey Lopez Horwitz

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the Ready, SEt, CEO™ Podcast with melissa froehlich

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Not feeling aligned in your business can lead to feelings of frustration and imposter syndrome. Listening to what other people think you should do in your business is not going to fulfill you. You need to discover what lights you up. 

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Lindsey Lopez Horwitz, founder of Virtually Lindsey and a former client of mine, about how she embraced alignment in her business and made the mindset shifts to get her there. Lindsey shares how being coachable, finding the things that lit her up, and reframing how she presented herself online led her to become unapologetically bold in her business. 

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your business, then it’s time to do something about it so that you can grow and sell with confidence. It’s time to be the CEO you want to be. 

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • An introduction to Lindsey, why she decided to invest in a coach, and how we started working together
  • What a successful coaching experience looks like and how to be coachable, plus how human design fits into the process
  • How to present and market yourself when you’re a Jane of all trades
  • Lindsey reflects back on how she embraced alignment in her business and became more confident, empowered, and unapologetically bold
  • How something seemingly small like changing your bio can create a mindset shift that’s necessary to move you forward in your business
  • Lindsey shares what her business looks like now compared to what it was a year ago and the clear differences she’s noticed after stepping into her CEO role
  • LIndsey’s advice for anyone who is not feeling fulfilled in their business and is at a crossroads of what to do next

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Meet Lindsey:

Lindsey Lopez Horwitz is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Virtually Lindsey Online Business Solutions, where small business owners with big dreams go for ultimate support. With a background in startup ventures, restaurant building and event organization Lindsey sidestepped the corporate grind and has been building businesses for over 15 years from around the world.

Entering the online space in 2018 Lindsey quickly built a booked solid Virtual Assistant agency providing services for businesses from LA to London. She has since moved into the consulting space and this year launched The I’m Working On It Club, a focus and productivity hub for creative minds that tend to go rogue.

A Pacific Northwest native nowadays, Lindsey, her family, and her computer toggle between the US and Guatemala, stopping anywhere with a good happy hour and an even better playlist.

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