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Activate:  Where we activate your Inner CEO to create stronger foundations, more consistency and sustainable growth.

It’s your time to Activate


Where we activate your Inner CEO to create stronger foundations, more consistency and sustainable growth.

PS: You deserve support, too. 

Getting results for your clients. Giving your best energy to everyone else, every single day, trying to quiet that voice inside of you that keeps saying “It’s your turn. You deserve to build your business, too.”

I see you because, 

Booked out with online business management clients and wondering when I was ever going to feel like I could justify having a coach,

When I was going to “feel” like a CEO of an actual business vs. someone who was just pumping out results for all of the other CEOs and certainly not spending an ounce of creative energy on myself.

You feel it in your bones.

You acknowledge that you are experiencing full-blown client overload.  

You are close to burnout.

You have legit anxiety about Slack and your inbox….because it’s full of fires that only you can put out.  

But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. YOUR TIME IS NOW and you know that. 

I see you.

You are acknowledging that you’ve been imposing limitations on yourself. Allowing the stuckness and overwhelm to creep in more and more. This may feel like imposter syndrome, negative internal self-talk, or poor boundaries -- or hell, maybe ALL THE THINGS. But the difference is that you desire change.

But here’s what’s shifting for you. 

I was in your shoes in 2019.

You DESIRE to have a business that feels good. That brings you fulfillment and allows for growth and scale. 

You DESIRE to feel like an actual CEO…who has actual CEO days and does actual CEO things on those days.

You DESIRE more confidence so that you can do things like raise your prices, call in more ideal clients, market your business with greater ease, and handle a discovery call in your sleep.


Now you are ready for more of what actually lights you up. 

You’re ready to say YES to you. To your dreams. To your desire for support, for coaching, for community….so that you can focus on continuing to build more of what feels good. 

You are already capable. 

This program is simply going to create a fast-track to unlocking your desires. Paving a path that provides greater ease.
Providing resources and strategies that eliminate the guesswork. 

Imagine what is possible when you allow yourself to be fully supported.

Imagine what it will feel like to embrace your confident CEO self, showing up like a bolder, braver version. Calling in more aligned clients. Charging rates that feel SO FREAKING GOOD and finally, finally….doing more of what you love while still making an impact.

That empowered CEO version of yourself…she’s in there. Now, let’s unleash her.





YOU are allowed to become the greatest version of yourself, right now. Not “later” or “when you’re ready”. Ready doesn’t exist. It’s your time. Trust what your heart is telling you.

The woman who desires six-figures or multiple six-figures.

You are on your way there already, so why not do it with support? Why not say YES to achieving your potential with greater ease and on a faster timeline? 

The woman who knows she is meant for more. That this is not the end of her story.

The woman who wants to understand how to dial in her mindset so that abundance feels easier to access on the daily.
The woman who desires to unleash a more confident version of her CEO self.

The woman who feels icky about selling or is scared of sales calls or thinks she’s not good at marketing…but also desires to change this!

The woman who feels stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel….wrapped in daily overwhelm and on the verge of throwing in towel.

The woman who thinks to herself…this is NOT what I signed up for, but I “should '' be grateful… [You’re not alone in feeling this, btw. It’s real. And it doesn’t have to be your reality!]

The woman who is ready to fully step into her POWER and stop giving it away to other people.

The woman who has done the certifications, the trainings…and just wants to work on bringing that full circle in terms of actually DOING something with all of the things she’s acquired.

The woman who just wants to be in the room with other women who are growing, and building, and reimagining. 

Who this program is for:

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Clarity. This word gets thrown around a lot, but it’s really important, especially when we commit to this work. You will become more clear about what you truly want, what’s holding you back, and how you are going to move forward with greater ease.

Confidence. You will access a more confident version of yourself by committing to doing the work, gaining clarity, and being held in a community that gets you and wants to help you succeed. 

Action. Through unlocking what you truly desire, building more confidence, and identifying what’s been keeping you stuck, you will curate a toolbox of mindset exercises and resources that will allow you to continue to take action. To easily identify the root cause of what’s standing in your way, and more importantly - how to remove it. 

Empowerment. You will become a more empowered version of your CEO self. Taking big, bold, unapologetic steps to continue to build what you desire and realizing that you are the only person you have to answer to. 

This program is ideal for the woman who desires support from a successful coach and community, but isn’t quite ready for a high ticket program or private container. 

You know you’ve only just scratched the surface of your true potential. You’re sitting on the brink of so much more, but it feels heavy and exhausting to keep moving forward, figuring out what’s next and how to squeeze a few more ounces of energy to make it happen. 

It doesn’t have to feel this way. Not any more. 
I’ve got you. Step inside of a space where you’re understood before you even utter a single word. I’m here to support you, call you up, bring you along….because I’ve walked this path, and I’ll walk it again with you. 


Training and coaching, conducted via LIVE calls with Melissa. 

Activating Your Inner CEO - Your WHY Right Now

Values + Boundaries for growth in your business 

Foundational Systems for Sustainable growth  

Training and coaching, conducted via LIVE calls with Melissa.

Strategies for Creating Momentum 

Maintaining Momentum and Holding Space For Rest and Slow Down

Training and coaching, conducted via LIVE calls with Melissa.

Recalibration Strategies For Aligned Growth

Training and coaching, conducted via LIVE calls with Melissa.

Finishing the Year Strong On Your Terms, Without Pressure

*This is a tentative outline of topics and focus areas, subject to change at anytime as we continue to refine the content.

Guided next-steps for implementation so that you can actually get results to help you grow. This isn’t a “fluffy, feel-good” program that will leave you wondering what the HE double-hockey sticks to actually do! No way -- I will guide you through it and sometimes give you that gentle push that you need in order to create change!

12 months of coaching support from a Certified Mindset Coach and Business Growth Strategist. Each month includes training and coaching, conducted via LIVE calls with Melissa, a private coaching community for weekly coaching support, monthly hot seat coaching calls with Melissa, monthly CEO Implementation Hour, and monthly audit requests.



What is the time commitment for this container?

1-2 hrs per week. This is meant to be a take what you need type of program. You may find that some weeks you are more active in the community while others you are more focused on your business development, for example. That’s exactly what we encourage. You show up and get support as you need it, when you need it. 

What is the investment for this program?

$6660 Pay In Full
12 payments of $555

Will I get direct access to Melissa?

Yes. The coaching calls will be held in a private group setting via zoom. You will be able to interact with Melissa directly and get your questions answered and receive the coaching support you need and desire. You will also receive coaching support from Melissa inside the private coaching community as well. 

hi, i'm melissa Froehlich 

Business Coach, Consultant, & Certified Mindset Coach

Like you, I felt like I had to do all the things to be considered qualified or capable of reaching new heights in my business.

I left my 6-figure corporate world to make $12/hour as a Virtual Assistant, in pursuit of more freedom for my husband and kids. Once I pivoted to the role of Online Business Manager, my business grew fast (thanks to lots of hard work and resilience), to the point that other OBMs were asking me to coach them to grow their own businesses! Awesome, right? Maybe on paper, but there was a problem…

I had a severe case of imposter syndrome.

Even with the successful online business I’d built, plus my years of experience teaching others, I thought I needed to do even MORE (another certification, another course, another program) to finally beat my imposter syndrome and feel ready to pivot my OBM business for coaching—something I truly wanted to do, and had demand for, but didn’t feel ready for that shift.

that's me!

Turns out I didn’t need to do more.

I just needed someone to help me realize I already had everything I needed to start right now.

I may have taken the hard road to get to where I’m at in business today, but that does NOT mean it was the right way or the best way.

In fact, there is a much more sustainable way to do it. And turns out, you don’t have to do it alone, either.

You already have a proof of concept. You have the clients, skills, and know-how to reach your level of success. Now, you just need to see it, feel it, and believe it for yourself!

Imagine what could happen if you say yes to you this year...

Are you ready to finally say YES to growth in your mindset, business, and in yourself?

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