5 Habits that Will Make You a Successful Virtual Assistant from Day #1

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These five habits will lay the framework for a successful career path, no matter where your journey takes you.  They can be applied to any role you take on: be it a virtual assistant, a social media manager, an online business manager, and even, a copywriter! Although you may be working in the comfort of your own home, you STILL have to show up as a professional, each and every day, if you want to be successful in this remote workspace.  

Never Stop Learning

Ask questions, watch youtube videos, and join Facebook groups.  If you are part of a team, take advantage of learning from people who have more experience.  Be grateful if they are kind enough to share their knowledge and time with you, but take advantage of every ounce of it.  Find new skills to acquire and new trainings to take (use my Online Business Roadmap!).  Read books.  Listen to podcasts.  SOAK IT UP. 

Participate any chance you can. Use Facebook groups, social media platforms…they are your shot at your goal. Ask questions. LISTEN to the answers and use them. Over the years, a habit I’ve quickly learned is to actively listen; hearing isn’t the same as listening. When you’re asking questions, seeking advice, or reading about things, listen to the answers.  

Be Confident 

Just because you are new to the world of remote work doesn’t mean that you don’t have value!  Show up with confidence in everything that you do.  Be brave.  Be vulnerable to put yourself out there, learn new things, and grow – and do it with confidence.  Your clients will fall in love with your confidence, and on the other side of that spectrum – they will shy away if you are insecure, so choose confidence every single time. 

Utilize the Resources Available to You

If you work for an agency or are part of a team, take advantage of their trainings and free resources.  Show interest, be appreciative, and ask what you can learn next.   Employers or business owners are eager to reward learning initiatives in most cases. 

Keep Pushing Yourself – Be Your Own Advocate

Don’t fool yourself; no one is going to want your success more than you will.  You have to keep pushing yourself if you want to grow.  What’s the next step?  What other opportunities exist on this journey?  Don’t wait around for opportunities to fall in your lap, because they probably won’t.  Instead, you need to explore.  Ask the company you work with what opportunities exist for growth?  If you have an idea that may help your company, share it. 

You don’t know until you try, so, don’t stop trying. You are your own key to success. 

Build a Community

Spend time getting to know other like-minded business owners.  Share experiences and knowledge; be supportive of one another.  You also might be super surprised where some of these members end up in two or three years; they could become key referral partners, etc.   Plus, you will just need good people who get what you do, what you struggle with, and where you want to end up.  We all need our community.  

You define and create your success, but it’s important to create habits that help you get there. These five habits are the stepping stones to that success. Contrary to popular belief, creating a habit doesn’t take 21 days, it actually just takes effort. A habit is formed when what you’re attempting to do becomes second nature. Start today. Consciously make an effort every day to implement some form of these habits into each of your workdays. You’ll be amazed at the changes you start to see.   


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