Strategic Consulting for Established Businesses


Melissa Froehlich - Business coach for OBMs standing and smiling against a pink wall

Business Strategy Roadmap

Planning Session

Two-hour strategic deep-dive (via Zoom) into your business operations and development. This is a VIP experience, completely tailored to your unique goals.  

You might choose to focus on initial planning for your membership or course, preparing to add right-fit team members, or fine-tuning your vision, core values, and overall strategic plan.  

What we focus on is completely up to you.  I will guide the process to extract a plan for implementation. 

Consulting Packages

3-6 months of Laser-focused, one-on-one consulting, specific to your business growth.

I help you make strategic, informed decisions to take your business to the next level.

What do you get when you work with me? Accountability to your business goals.  A trusted thought partner who will quickly understand your business and can help you make critical decisions.

I have over 15 years of hands-on business experience in retail, corporate, and online business combined.  I am a Certified Online Business Manager and have completed the Integrator Masterclass Academy.

I work with some of THE most dynamic six and multi-seven figure entrepreneurs in the world.  My focus is allowing you to be the visionary you’re meant to be while supporting your business growth from a strategic standpoint.

What Clients Say

Meet Tallene and Sirak Kalaygian, founders of PCOS Weightloss and the most popular social media account supporting the PCOS lifestyle. 

Here, they talk about what consulting with me has done for their business and their membership, The Cysterhood. 

Exponential growth, delegation, automation, and fully leaning into their zones of genius. I love it!

Fix This Next Coaching

My job as a Certified Fix This Next Coach:  to clarify where you currently are in your business and where you want to go.

The process focuses on pinpointing the biggest need in  your business and aligning that with where you want to take your business.   We use the Business Hierarchy of Needs (BHN) as the framework.  


The basic concept of the Business Hierarchy of Needs is  that we, as humans, revert to a base level need and cannot move to the higher levels until that base level need is met.  

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs have is the fact that they don’t know what their biggest challenge is. As a result they are constantly reverting to address the apparent and urgent issues, while (unintentionally) disregarding the most impactful one. 

With the Fix This Next methodology, we use a system to pinpoint your business’s most vital need.  We identify the steps you will follow to track the improvement of the vital need. You will be able to pick the next vital need and the next after that. Finally you will have a simple, methodical method to grow your business to your vision.

90 Day Business Strategy planning Session

This is a tailor-made solution for your business, designed to bring the clarity that you’ve been seeking. This option is especially good for entrepreneurs who are considering building a team, but want to focus on getting the proper foundations and systems in order before taking the next step.

Strategic Consulting

3 or 6 Month Consulting Packages designed to support your specific business goals.  I serve as your trusted partner to design and support your strategic business growth efforts.  All engagements include bi-weekly Zoom sessions and the option for in-person, VIP Intensives for optimum traction.

Fix this next

I am a Certified Advisor for Fix This Next Coaching from Michael Michalowicz, author of Fix This Next.  The Fix This Next Coaching process helps you get clear on what to focus on NEXT in your business.